The Alliance of Direct Support Professionals of Manitoba (ADSPM) was founded in 2014 with the goal of professionalizing direct support work. We have been actively involved in campaigns and lobbying efforts, achieving a historic increase in funding in 2023 to raise DSP wages in government-funded programs across Manitoba. Our ongoing commitment is to address wage disparities and challenges that affect Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). Manitobans with disabilities deserve high-quality support from well-trained professionals who receive valued compensation.




Our vision is a future where DSPs are recognized and respected as professionals, well-trained, and receive valued compensation for their vital role in enhancing the lives of Manitobans with disabilities. Through collaboration with our stakeholders, government, and member organizations we ensure best practices and professional standards are evidence-based, provincially mandated, and upheld.




We are dedicated to advocating for the direct support profession. We promote professional standards, comprehensive training, and valued compensation for all those who serve in this vital sector.